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4 Steps To Make Sure Your eBay Christmas Presents Arrive On Time

eBay is brilliant when you have a load of stuff that you’re desperate to get rid of (or a lot of stuff to buy in a very short space of time) but the flip side is that customer service can be a nightmare when things go wrong.

The first response is usually to grab the phone and try to speak to their customer services department, but the service they offer is notoriously dreadful and most people we know are not big fans of being put on hold for a long time listening obscure 80s ‘hits’. All is not lost though as there are a multitude of ways to resolve any issues you might have whilst avoiding this bad service, as there are plenty of eBay users out there that probably know more than the people who run eBay.

1.) Basics Of Selling

step 1

If you’re fairly new to the eBay world or are a casual user who’s thinking of setting up an eBay business, then eBay’s own Seller centre ( is actually surprisingly useful. Packed full of information on everything from what to sell to taking the best photos of your old dining table, there’s every chance that your newbie query can be solved here on this page.


2.) Fancy A Chat?

step 2

One area of eBay’s customer services site that we have had some success with in the past is eBay Chat. Head to the customer services pages at and then click on ‘Contact Us’ at the bottom of the page. Click on the area you need assistance with and, hopefully, the Chat with us option will appear along with an estimated waiting time – this is usually only around a minute.


3.) Send A Tweet

step 3

For a fairly quick response from eBay themselves, you could try the Ask eBay Twitter page at @AskeBay. They’re open seven days a week from 6am to 6pm (Pacific Standard Time) and although most of the responses are along the lines of ‘We’re sorry to hear that, why don’t you email us’, there’s also the small chance that they might be able to help if the problem is relatively straightforward. After all, there’s no need for you to spend hours on the phone on hold if it’s a simple problem that it can be solved in 140 characters.


4.) Care In The Community

step 4

However, it’s eBay’s Community area ( where you’re likely to have the best chance of finding someone to help you. Made up of a series of discussion areas, you simply post your question and wait for someone in the community to come back with an answer. Surprisingly, there are lot of people out there who really (and we mean really) know their stuff about eBay.

There are several advantages to going directly to the Community area rather than trying eBay’s customer services’ numbers or emails. Firstly, as the eBay Community pages work like any other forum and in real time, there’s every possibility that your query will be answered quickly and accurately by another eBay member. Also, as it’ll be read by a large number of people, you may well get multiple replies with varying suggestions offering different approaches to your problem. Although this can get confusing if the advice differs wildly, it’s good to understand that most problems have more than one solution.

Finally, by scanning through the questions already posted (or searching through the thread titles) you may well discover that someone’s already had the same problem you’re having and there may already be a solution posted for you. This then saves you all the hassle!