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4 reasons why you should sign up to Apple Music

Forget Spotify or Google Play Music, here are 4 reasons why Apple Music should be your streaming service of choice

Chances are you’re already signed up to one of the many music streaming services already on the market that offer unlimited streaming for a small monthly price. While both Spotify and Google Play have user bases in their millions, Apple can take salvation from the millions of iTunes users who may wish to make the transition into streaming for the first time. So the question remains, can Apple Music take on the might of Spotify and Google Play Music? Here are 4 reasons why we think it can.

1. Great family bundle pricing 

It was going to be a tough ask for Apple to seriously undercut the competition when it came to pricing their Music service, and while the $9.99 single usage option is familiar, it’s the $14.99 option that’s appealing to us. If you’ve multiple iOS users in the same household, you’ll be able to connect up to six users to a single Apple Music for just $14.99 a month. Bargain. 


2. Sync your library together 

As well has having access to millions of tracks through the streaming service, Apple Music also enables users to upload their own downloaded tracks to their account. It’s a great way of adding some of the more obscure remixes you may have collected over the years to your online library.  Any purchases you’ve previously made through iTunes will also sync across.

3. Using the Connect service

We live in a time where you could well be a ‘Directioner’ or perhaps a ‘Swiftie’. If either of these terms describes you, or you’re just an avid supporter of a particular artist, then the Connect feature will be for you. It enables artists to share backstage photos, talk to their fans and even post new lyrics and videos all in one place.

4. Curation is of paramount importance

Curation has been put at the heart of the Apple Music experience. Through the For You section, users are able to get recommended tracks, albums and playlists based on their previous listening experience. Obviously this is going to come down to how often you use Apple Music, but by using it more you should get better recommendations.