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3rd Party: Optimise your Mac with the great tools in CleanMyMac

Get rid of the clutter, sort out your cache files and have a good clean out with this easy-to-use app

One of the main problems with computers and computing is that we take a lot of what we see in front of us for granted. We forget that great software is built on files, folders and directories and that our Mac can quickly become clogged with extra elements that aren’t really needed. So we download apps as and when we need them and their baggage adds up, causing problems for the computer to manage everything all the time. Luckily, in most cases not every single file or folder that is associated with an app is totally necessary. Language files are the perfect example. Unless you are likely to wake up fluent in Dutch, you’re probably not going to need the Dutch language files for every app on your system. Multiply these files by the number of languages loaded and the number of apps you have on your machine, and you can see that there would be a lot of redundant information taking up valuable space.
The beauty of CleanMyMac is that it’s designed to hunt out these files and get rid of them for you. Brilliantly, it doesn’t just go ahead and start rampaging through your file directories – its interface guides you through the process so you can see, at every stage, what is happening on your Mac. On top of that, it has some excellent utilities too. They will let you manage your extensions, delete applications and all their associated files, as well as securely erasing files. This app is a great one-stop-shop for keeping on top of files and folders that are just wasting space on your machine. Here we’re going to show how to get started with the CleanMyMac, so you can de-clutter your machine, reclaim some space and improve overall performance.

1: Scanners
First, let CleanMyMac scan your system. You do this by clicking on the Scan button on the bottom-left of the interface. The top bar on the left will then show you the full extent of excess files.

2: Clean it
Take a look at the number of files and you’ll probably be quite shocked, not to mention impressed, by CleanMyMac. Hit the Clean button to start clearing out all the junk you don’t need.

3: Protection
If the files require an administrator password, you’ll be notified. Click on the lock at the bottom of the interface and enter your username and password. You can then continue with the clean.


Get rid of unwanted apps with ease

Once you’ve had a clear-out, use the utilities to do a little manual spring cleaning. This requires a little more thought, but can be very beneficial to the health of your Mac. The utilities are easy to use, which makes them a valuable part of this application, and you will do well to remember they are ready to be used when you need them.

Click on the Uninstall Applications tab on the left and then drag and drop an unwanted app into the blank window on the right. You can do this with more than one app at a time if you like.

2. Use the arrow to view the contents of the app you have dropped into CleanMyMac. You will see that all of the associated files have also been pulled in to be terminated, leaving your Mac free from any leftovers.

3. Hit the Uninstall button when you are ready to get rid of the files. If you were too quick on the trigger, there is a second warning before you lose the files. If you are completely sure you want to continue, hit Uninstall on the left.


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