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3D PRINTING: Everything you need to know

Discover how 3D printers work, expert techniques, practicial guides and get 100 free printable models in the first editionof 3D Make & Print

Discover how 3D printers work, learn expert techniques, follow practicial guides and get 100 free printable models in the first edition of 3D Make & Print


Model, print and build everything from a massive movie prop sword to a custom iPhone case or even your own head with our newly published release, 3D Make & Print!

We teamed up with the awesome guys at iMakr, the world’s largest 3D printing retailer, to create this ultimate guide to 3D printing, which will take you through all you need to know about one of the hottest areas of tech today.

Starting from an introduction to all the different printing technologies there are out there, you’ll get to explore the many industries in which 3D Printing is changing things for good including medicine and robotics, and learn the surprising history behind the technology (3D printing has actually been around since the 80s!).

Next, find your perfect machine with our in-depth guide to the best desktop printers on the market for every budget, then start printing stress-free by following over 50 pages of start-to-finish project tutorials. These cover the whole 3D printing pipeline from modelling in software like ZBrush and SolidWorks to finishing with professional polish and paint techniques. The book even comes with 100 free models to help get you up and running!

Grab your copy of 3D Make and Print today from the Imagine Shop!