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Boom 2 review

Make your Mac music go with a bang... or a boom.

If you’re a big iTunes user, or perhaps simply enjoy listening to a sprinkling of music on your Mac, then you’ll definitely want to explore some of the ways you can improve the sound quality provided to you. Although iTunes already has a few options to help users improve track quality, most will want to head over to the Mac App Store to find a better solution – such as Boom 2.

Boom MainWhen you first open up Boom 2 it’ll perform a full system scan and identify areas in which it believes your audio output can be improved, as well as pinpointing the exact type of machine you’re currently using. The process takes a few minutes to complete before you’ll be prompted to calibrate your Mac to the app’s recommended settings. The app doesn’t really tell you much of what it proposes to change, however, so it does tend to be a bit of a leap into the unknown to know for sure exactly what’s about to be amended.

The rest of Boom 2 is all about configuring the sound output to your desired tastes. Users can tinker with different effects, equaliser settings and presets to get the sound to their desired liking.

Although a lot of the options are rather basic, the Advanced tab includes a lot more detail and will be useful to technically-minded users. During our time with Boom 2, the standout feature, without doubt, was being able to improve the quality of any stored songs. The app enables users to drag their songs into it, where it’ll look to improve and optimise how it sounds through your Mac. It’s surprisingly useful, but not the quickest of features when dealing with a vast library.

Boom 2 may initially seem like a slightly frivolous purchase, but the wealth of options it includes and the countless customisations on offer combine to make it a great app for those who take their music seriously.

Verdict:  If you want to achieve perfect audio quality, there’s little else on the App Store that compares to what Boom 2 is capable of.

Cost: £10.99/$14.99