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3 WordPress plugins every user should have

Make your site faster, more secure and SEO-friendly with this selection


With WordPress being the most popular CMS on the web, it’s a common target for malicious bots and hackers searching for potential easy targets. Add to this that users often make it easier for these bots and hackers by using easy to guess/crack passwords, and you have a bad situation waiting to happen. Did we mention that a lot of plugins with known vulnerabilities never get updated?
These problems can mostly become a thing of the past with Wordfence Security, which takes care of much of the security effort. Nothing beats a proper security strategy; a security plugin like this should be part of it.
The plugin is a toolbox of functionality that covers all of the main concerns you need to be regularly checking against. This includes scanning your installation for known malicious code, enforcement of strong passwords, activity monitoring and firewall features to disrupt malicious scans by hackers and botnets.
The plugin can be set to automatically perform security checks on a daily basis, guaranteeing consistency and saving you lots of time in the process. With the saying time is money, this plugin will literally save you lots of time and money from all of the manual checks you’d need to do in order to guarantee high security standards.


While SEO isn’t rocket science, it’s certainly easy to make easy mistakes. Yoast SEO helps you to avoid these traps by providing functionality that checks against common SEO mistakes. It also provides a series of other functionality to assist you in writing better content. After all, good SEO is all about content being king!
In terms of content assistance, there are several tools available to help with specific agendas. These include news content feeds for being picked up by Google News, local SEO to compete on Google Maps placements, and more. The main plugin provides you with a keyword tool that helps you identify whether your target keywords are present in the places you want them to be. This is handy for making sure that keywords are visible to search engines like Google in the context you want them to be. There are also additional content analysis features to analyse the length of your sentences and writing style to improve your content quality for higher Google scores.
Not all SEO is purely about the quality of your website content; some is about the technical architecture. Yoast SEO has features to help with this too, with functionality to provide instructions to crawlers through robot settings, search engine friendly links and more. Two features of Yoast SEO for making sure everything gets indexed by Google are the creation of breadcrumbs and sitemaps – hence providing visible links to everything on your website.


The database used by your WordPress installation can get pretty messy after a fair amount of usage. This isn’t good for keeping you website running fast – nor for making backups. Being able to clean up the inevitable mess is a must; hence the purpose of this plugin.
Optimize Database has features specialising in cleaning different parts of your WordPress installation, and is capable of detecting orphaned content, unused tags and spam content that it detects. Orphaned content is possibly most problematic type of content for database clutter, with these items having no trace for regular WordPress plugins and functionality. As a result, orphaned content stays in the database.
The plugin has convenient features to automate database cleaning and log file creation of activities. Both of these features help to ensure that the monotonous task of cleaning is never forgotten, while the details of cleaning are recorded as evidence should anything go wrong.