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3 great alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S Planner app

The S Planner is an app developed for Samsung's various devices alongside S Memo and S Voice. Here are 5 great alternatives to the S Planner app.

Your phone is capable of many things, but one of its more worthwhile uses is being able to help keep your life in order. There’s a plethora of calendar-based apps on the Google Play store, and with so much choice available it can be difficult to find one that works for you. A large portion of Samsung users benefit from being able to use the S Planner app, but unless you’ve previously rooted your device, any other device is incapable of getting this app. We’ve put together 5 real alternatives that can give it a run for its money.

1. Google Calendar

Price: Free

Most phones come with Google Calendar pre-installed on their device, but for others it can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store. As well as being a simple calendar app, you can use it to create, edit and delete events. It can also be synced with your phone to remind you of upcoming events, and makes full use of your device’s notification bar.


2. Business Calendar

Price: £3.99

Business Calendar is a little more complicated than the other apps on our list, but for good reason. Not only is it packed with a variety of features, it’s the perfect accompaniment to your work life by offering a great agenda feature, and simple editing tools to remove and add appointments. If your calendar soon fills up with various events, you can start to use the colour coding system to differentiate between them.


3. Schedule Planner

Price: Free

Although it doesn’t have the same calendar features as the overs on the list, Schedule Planner includes an intuitive system allowing you to keep a virtual schedule of all the events in a specific day, week or month. Each entry can be edited at any point, and you can sync it with your device to receive a notification of it when it gets closer.

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