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How to add titles and credits to iMovie trailers on iPad & iPhone

How to create customised titles for your blockbuster teaser video in iMovie for iPad and iPhone

mainiMovie’s Trailers are perfect for showing off your home videos. They’re short, snappy and have style and narrative baked into them, so all you need to do is find the clips in your library that match the required shots that are already laid out in sequence for you. Best of all, despite being called Trailers, most of them work brilliantly as standalone movies, and one way that you can give your Trailer that final bit of polish is to customise its title and credits.

Here we’re going to walk you through the Outline view you see once you’ve created a Trailer, and show you how to add all your info to it so that your Storyboard updates to reflect your movie and studio names, the names of your cast and all the people involved in the production.


step 1

1 Set your style

Head to Projects and tap the ‘+’ icon to create a Trailer. Swipe through the available styles, tapping to preview them in the area above. Pick a style and tap Create Trailer.

Step 2

2 Name your movie

The Outline view on the left holds all the text used in your Trailer. Tap the italics beside Movie Name at the top and write yours in, paying attention to the size of the text boxes.

Step 3

3 Introduce the cast

Underneath is the Cast section. Hit the +/- icons to add or remove people from your cast, then add all their names. Be sure to select their gender too, as this is used in the storyboard.

Step 4

4 Choose your studio intro

Next up is your studio, and you are encouraged to be as creative as you like here! Use the drop- down below Studio Name to choose your logo style, if you aren’t happy with the default.

Step 5

5 Bring in the stars

The longest section of the Outline view is for your credits, and these are all compressed down into a single frame that sits at the end of the trailer for a few seconds – fill them in.

Step 6

6 Start on the storyboard

Now tap the Storyboard tab at the bottom- centre. Your clips will be shown in the bottom- right, and the storyboard itself has updated with your changes. Now just drag your clips in.

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