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2 Minute Guide: Turn Off Flash To Boost Your Speed

While Android’s Flash video compatibility is great, to speed up browsing you may want it turn Flash off

  1. Turning off Flash

    If you are finding that a Flash-enabled website is taking an age to load, you should navigate to the Settings in order to turn off Flash – it’s a shame there isn’t a quick one button option. Press the Menu button on your phone, then tap the ‘More’ option to bring up a list of further options.

  2. Select settings menu

    Scroll down the menu list until you see the Settings option and press it. Also in this menu, you will see other options that can make browsing a touch easier – notably the Bookmarks and the Find on Page option, which beats scouring a website with your eyes for a particular word or phrase.

  3. Disable plug-ins

    Within the Settings menu, the option you need to turn off is ‘Enable plug-ins’. Flash is a plug-in – a software component that adds extra functionality to your browser – and so disabling plug-ins means it won’t work, helping to speed up Flash websites if you are not that interested in the Flash content they contain.

  4. And it works

    With no Flash content to display, your Flash webages will have large blanks on them, but they will load a lot quicker. Note that to use the current version of Flash from the Android Market – Flash 10.3 – you need to be running at least the 2.2 (Froyo) version of the Android operating system.