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Assassin’s Creed Pirates for Android game review

We review Assassin's Creed Pirates for Android. Does this mobile game live up to the standards set by its console counterparts?

It can be quite worrying when companies attempt to port big console brands on to Android devices, so we met Assassin’s Creed Pirates with some reservation at first.

The game is a spin-off on the recent console hit Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, seeing you play as Alonzo Batilla, a young pirate aiming to control the seven seas. To do so he must fight in various naval battles and take over opposition ships.

After the lengthy tutorial, you’re thrown in the deep end of the game and are required almost instantly to fight of an enemy pirate attack and it’s from there where you start to notice a few key issues.

Although it may use the Assassin’s Creed name, that’s all that the console games and this installment have in common. Instead of controlling a single character much of the game play sees you tapping away on your screen to get to different areas on a map which trigger different missions. Some missions see you having to race against other ships, while others may see you needing to scavenge some loot.

There’s no real difficulty in completing many of the missions so you may blow through the game at a fairly rapid pace. What we did like, however, was the epic boat battles you can get involved with. These battles see you needing to strategically blast away certain areas of enemy ships to make them sink, without taking much damage to your own vessel.

Thankfully the battles come along fairly often and break up what is a rather bland game most of the time. The other area which we can’t fault AC Pirate on is with its graphics. Ubisoft has done some tremendous work here to bring some superb animation on-board, but don’t expect your older Android devices to run it, as this is one meaty game.