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10 Top Tips for iPhone Creatives

For those with creative tastes, take note of these ten top tips to get the most from your iPhone whether you’re taking photos, shooting movies or scouting locations.
Click the title of each tip to access the corresponding iPhone app on the App Store

1.Preparation is key

Use AirSharing to mount your iPhone as a wireless drive on your computer and simply drag files into it.


Use GoogleEarth to view a potential location. Browse millions of geo-located photos ahead, or perhaps even instead, of a visit.


3.Location matters

Use Here I Am to let others know exactly where you are. Clients will receive an email with a link to your location.

4.More than a snap

Use PanoLab to create a panoramic view of a potential location and email it to clients.


Use Sketches to freely draw what you have in mind, or load a photo and scribble relevant notes over it.


6.Taking pictures

f/8 can help achieve a specific effect. This more professional app calculates the best depth of field using given info of your camera and lens.

7.After the shoot

Collage lets artistically inclined users load pictures into a ‘cutting board’ and arrange them to make an instant iPhone collage.


Load a photo and use Photogene to correct colour balance, crop, rotate or straighten it.

9.World gallery

If you need to upload part of a shoot, use Photobucket for one-click uploads.

10.Share it with the world

Use flickr sendr to load on-the-field images and let the world know what you’ve been up to. Your images will be of use to other location scouts.