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10 Android tablet tips

Own a Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer or other Android tablet? Discover how you can get more from it with these ten quick tablet tips.

Slowly but surely Android tablets are increasing in popularity. Whether you’re looking to buy or have recently picked up a Transformer Prime or Galaxy Tab then you will no doubt want to get the most from it. Here are ten great tips to get you started.

Check the app store

Some budget Android tablets do not offer access to the main Android Market, but instead use bespoke stores which do not hold as many apps. Make sure you check what is available before you buy because a lack of apps makes a big difference.

Use a stylus

On tablets it is much easier to write notes using a stylus that is designed for the screen you are using. With practice it can be as easy to write notes on a tablet as it is with traditional pen and paper. Experiment a little and see which works best for you.

Better browsing

A tablet can handle more complex browsing better than a phone purely because of the screen size available. Look for Dolphin HD in the Android Market which is a browser capable of dealing with plug-ins and other advanced functionality.

Mobile Wi-Fi

If you own a tablet that is Wi-Fi only, you can still use mobile data by investing in a Mi-Fi device or alternative solution. This will let you browse the web on an Android tablet using mobile networks and should add much flexibility to your usage.

Cheap as chips

Some Android tablets are priced well below £100 and seem too good to be true. You should be aware that some of these tablets offer very poor battery life, difficult to use screens and slow performance. Always buy the best you can afford.

In the car

There are satellite navigation solutions available for Android tablets and other apps that will work well in a car. With bespoke mounts also available, you can in theory turn your tablet into an inexpensive in-car system without spending much money.

Protect the screen

Not all smartphones need a screen protector, but all tablets do benefit from having one attached. The main reason is that fingerprints often stay on the screen and they can get dirty over time. A simple screen protector will greatly reduce this effect.

The tablet TV

There are many services available that will turn your Android tablet into a free mobile TV. BBC iPlayer is one example among many and with a decent Wi-Fi signal, you should be able to enjoy TV programmes, and even live shows, wherever you are.

Finding tablet apps

Not all Android apps have been optimized for tablets, indeed the majority haven’t, but you can narrow down your app searching using an app called Tablet Market. It is designed to only show tablet optimised apps which should save you lots of time.

A better tablet keyboard

Tablet keyboards are much easier to type on, but they can be improved even further. SwiftKey Tablet X Keyboard adds a thumb typing split keyboard, a learning function and an improved interface, and could completely transform your tablet use.