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10 Kitchen Gadgets That’ll Make You A Master Chef

Improve your culinary skills with these chef-favourite kitchen devices


01. Watch your toast as it cooks

The word’s first transparent toaster, the Magimix Vision lets you monitor your toast while it cooks, enabling you to make sure that you never over or under cook your bread again. It has extra-wide slots too, which makes it perfect for all manner of sourdoughs, buns or pastries for every morning dish.

Magimix Vision Toaster / £145 / $300 /


02.) Coffee just got better

A reimagining of the traditional coffee brewer, the Next Syphon has had its upper chamber redesigned to channel extracted coffee more evenly, whilst the lower chamber’s design has been reviewed for quicker heating. The brewer matures coffee tastes really well (if you don’t mind open flames).

Hario Next Syphon 5 Cup Coffee Brewer / £120 / $139 /


03.) Never over or under measure again

The Salter Target is a pretty precise scale – we have used it to measure out one gram of various ingredients at a time. Better yet, this scale actually talks to you as you use it – if you’re busy working on
other parts of your dish, the scale will verbally announce the weight reading in your preferred weight unit.

Salter Target Scale / £40 / $60 /


04.) Healthy yogurt in three steps

A quick and easy way of making your own Greek yogurt at home, without adding any of those nasty artificial colours or sweeteners you’re likely to find in off-the-shelf products. This little gadget cleans out really easily too and that’s usually the main problem with these makers.

Easiyo Yogurt Maker / £19 / $28 /


05.) The healthiest way to prepare your veg

As much as we love boiling and frying our veg, it’s actually pretty bad for the vitamin content of the food – it breaks down all that goodness whilst cooking. Steaming doesn’t, however, and is a great way of highlighting vegetables’ delicate tastes too.

Braun Identity Collection Food Steamer / £70 / $110 /


06.) Ice cream in 30 minutes

Recreate your favourite flavours or come up with some unique combinations of your own – either way, the Digital Ice Cream Maker will basically do all the leg work for you. We prefer to make sorbets, but the machine will let you create ice cream or even frozen yogurt.

Lakeland Digital Ice Cream Maker / £75 / $112 /


07.) The fastest slow cooker that’s on the market

Yes, we know – that sounds like a contradiction, but this combination pressure and slow cooker uses two sensors at the top and bottom of the cooking chamber to monitor your ingredients and control the temperature and pressure, which simply cooks your food for you.

Sage The Fast Slow Pro / £200 / $298 /


08.) No more fuss or worries with flaky pie crusts

The most hit-and-miss part of any sort of pie craft is always the crust, but the Judge pie maker negates that problem. Just cut out the pastry you need with a cutting ring (supplied), put it in the machine, fill with your precooked filling and the pie is basically ready in 10 minutes!

Judge Deep Pie Maker / £60 / $90 /


09.) Artisan bread at home

It might be a bit pricier than the other bread makers you’ll see on the market, but it yields fantastic results – we’re sourdough fiends on Gadget and that’s a pretty tough bread to make. The SD-ZB2502 can handle it though and rises a loaf in under two hours.

Panasonic SD-ZB2502 BXC Automatic Bread Maker / £150 / $223 /


10.) Reliable readings

Firstly, this gadget has an alarm clock that you can program to let you know when something’s done – always handy, right? It can also be applied to practically anything in the kitchen and let you know its exact temperature with a reading that ranges from -49 to 149 degrees Celsius.

Hygiplas Multipurpose Stem Thermometer / £12 / $18 /