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10 Snack Gadgets You Need For Your Super Bowl Party

Make sure no one goes hungry at your big game blowout with these high-tech snack solutions.

Go from zero to pizza in minutes


Pizza is a staple of the Super Bowl party – it’s simple, it’s delicious and it works for everyone. But if you’re trying to cater for a crowd of hungry guests who all want different toppings and crusts without just ringing up Domino’s, then getting half a dozen pizzas on the table can be difficult. That’s where the Pizzazz Plus Pizza Oven comes in. Think of it like a George Foreman grill, but for pizza. It doesn’t need preheating, it cooks evenly and thoroughly, but most importantly it’s fast – you’ll be on your second pizza by the time your oven is done warming up.

Presto Pizzazz Plus Pizza Oven costs around £32/ $47. For more information, visit

Never leave your beer behind again with the BeerPager


File this one under novelty gadgets. The BeerPager is exactly what it sounds like – a pager that helps you locate your misplaced beer. Because when it’s deep in the fourth quarter and you’re on your sixth or seventh beer, you might not remember where you last put it down.

BeerPager costs around £16/$25. For more information, visit

Keep your hands free with  these drink-mountable plates


Alright, we’re using the term gadget loosely here, but the GoPlate will streamline your snacking experience. This plate sits over your beer bottle’s neck, making it easier for you to eat, drink and vigorously gesture at the TV without spilling anything.

Go Plate costs around £7/$10. For more information, visit

Become the master of dips with a handheld blender


If you’re doing your Super Bowl party correctly, there will be a lot of chips, but without any dips these chips are nothing at all. Thankfully, the insanely powerful kMix handheld blender is on hand to make dips out of pretty much anything you want.

Kenwood kMix Triblade Hand Blender costs around £120/$180. For more information, visit

Make enough popcorn to fill the whole stadium


Well, maybe a very small stadium. What are the two things you want from a popcorn maker? Speedy cooking and a sizeable capacity. Cuisinart’s simple and effective EasyPop machine delivers both these things, along with a few other nice touches that help round out an excellent package.

Cuisinart EasyPop Popcorn Maker costs around £36/$50. For more information, visit

6 Like a cool, frosty one? Keep it that way

Beer coolers aren’t a new idea, but the Kickstarter-funded Koolernaut stands out because of its built-in digital thermometer. How cold you want your beer depends on the kind you’re drinking, so it pays to have a precise read-out on just how chilled your brew is.

Koolernaut costs around £10/$15. For more information, visit

Grill from the back of your car


 A good grill is the cornerstone of any tailgating party. Not only does this grill fold neatly on its rear bumper mount, it grills a damn fine burger.

Swing’n Smoke Varsity Grill costs around £360/$542. For more information, visit

8 Lock and load your beverage backpack


Because sometimes one large canister of beer strapped to your back isn’t enough, this gadget gives you two so you can haul around twice the liquid for the sake of convenience.

Wyndham House Dual Beverage Dispenser Backpack costs around £44/ $45. For more information, visit

Prepared for any BBQ eventuality


When you’re manning the barbecue at your tailgate, you need instant access to all of your utensils, sauces and your drink. The Grill Sergeant apron has enough storage to cover all these needs.

The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron costs around £14/$15. For more information, visit

10  Cap your beers if you want to keep them cold


There may come a time when you step away from your beer, but the stainless steel of the Corkcicle’s Chillsner rod ensures that it will stay cold for your return.

Corkcicle Chillsner costs around £25/$28. For more information, visit