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10 essential apps for the Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is a fantastic tablet, but you can make it a little better by downloading these brilliant apps.


Price: £4.46/$7.27

BeyondPod is a sophisticated podcast engine that let you download thousands of different podcasts on to your device. The app’s integrated player is similar to many other audio apps, but includes intuitive controls which give it a slight edge. Also included with the app are a series of different-sized widgets that you can add to your various home screens to gain instant access to the app, and the podcast you’re listening to.



Price: Free

News360 incorporates more than 20,000 different news sources in to a single app, giving you an up to minute live stream of the latest news. Similar to other apps, you can customise the app to only show the categories that really interest you, but also create multiple streams for different areas of the news. The app can also be used with the TripIt app to create a digital newsfeed of anything that’s happening in your area, or a national breaking story.



Price: Free


If you like your art in 8-bit, then Pixelesque is the app for you. You can recreate retro looking artwork through the app, using small blocks to create illustrations and such. All the tools you’d expect to see in a normal design app are present, but the entire app has been ‘retrofied’!


Price: Free

Similar to DrawFree, PaintBox is a simplistic painting app that lets you create simple illustrations using a variety of tools. Each tool can be edited to suit your exact needs, and every illustration you create can be edited within the app. When you’re finished you can use the app to connect to a wireless printer, from which you can print out your creation.



Price: Free

8Tracks is a handcrafted internet radio app, that showcases more than 400,000+ mixes that other users have created. The app lets you create your very own profile and upload your own mixes to the server. You can then take a look at other profiles, leave comments and take a listen to their created mixes.


Colour Splash Effect

Price: £1.28/£$1.97


Colour Splash Effect converts photos back to gray, and lets you choose details of the photo and put them in colour. Although it’s a simple concept, the level of detail you can go in to, to pick specific colours, is fantastic, and once you’re done you’ll have a whole gallery of striking images. Every image you create within the app can then be shared with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


Tweetcaster Pro

Price: £3.11/$4.92

Tweetcaster Pro is a cleverly designed Twitter client available for the Nexus 7, that not only looks the part, but offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use Twitter experience for novices and seasoned users alike. The app is lightning fast, and offers a great UI that is fantastic to use.


Google Currents

Price: Free

Google’s very own news app is split in to several section to offer the most thorough and comprehensive news reading experience possible. The Published Editions section includes a list of well-known publications that you can take a look at; including The Guardian and TechCrunch. On top of this, you’ll find a trending section where Currents will list the most-read and most-searched articles in the past 24 hours.


aCurrency Pro

Price: £2.52/$3.99

Another essential part of travelling is having the correct currency of that country. In terms of currency converters, aCurrency Pro is one of the most thorough on the market, allowing users to keep track of the latest currency exchange rates. The graphs make it a whole lot easier to see the exact currency rate at any one time.


iMindMap HD

Price: Free

There’s no need to get scribbling with a pencil and paper anymore, thanks to iMindMap HD. As the name suggests, the app allows you to create virtual mind maps, while also incorporating some funky designs throughout. As well as text, you can import your own images to create a visual mind map. Every mind map you create can be saved within the app, and then edited whenever you need too.