How to use the S Planner app [Updated]


The S Planner has been Samsung’s calendar option since the Galaxy S1 and in that time it has undergone a few transformations.

Those changes are mostly in the design of the app but there has also been an evolution in freehand calendar entries. Whereas in the earlier models you had to write a note in S Memo and attach it to the calendar, now you can write directly on the calendar. This makes seeing events that last more than a day, such as a holiday, much easier when viewed in Month view.

All the usual features that we’ve come to expect in the S Planner, such as syncing it with your Google and Facebook accounts and adding a location to your event by using Google Maps, are still included. The S Planner is simple and clean but we’ve put together this tutorial to make sure you get the most out of this excellent calendar app, where you’ll learn how to create an event, move them around and even check the weather.

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1. S Planner, Samsung, Note 4, Galaxy, tutorial, How To, mobileView the home screen

You can view the homescreen in a number of formats. For an hour-by-hour look, select Day or Week view, while Month and Year give more general overviews. To just see your events you can select the Agenda view. This can all be accessed by pressing the app’s top left hand corner.


S Planner, Samsung, Note 4, Galaxy, tutorial, How To, mobileMake your event

The ‘+’ symbol at the top takes you to the Add Event screen. Here you can add a name and a time to your event. The teardrop symbol loads Google Maps where you can pinpoint your destination. Alternatively you can enter it manually. Reminders will stop you forgetting that crucial appointment.


S Planner, Samsung, Note 4, Galaxy, tutorial, How To, mobileWrite on time

The calendar and pen symbol in the top right-hand corner enables you to write freehand on your calendar. It only works in portrait mode but can help to make extended or important events visible. You can choose from a range of colours and pen thicknesses and can preset your favourites.



Step 4Track the weather

You can now see what the weather will be like over the next seven days on your calendar. Head into Settings in the top right-hand corner and turn on 7-day weather forecast. This will provide you with a basic overview of the coming week’s weather, which could help with your weekend plans.


Sync calendars

If you are logged into Facebook or your Gmail account, S Planner can sync up with those calendars, adding in important dates such as birthdays and social events. Alternatively you can head to Calendars in the top right-hand corner to choose which of your calendars you want to sync up with S Planner.


S Planner, Samsung, Note 4, Galaxy, tutorial, How To, mobileShift your events

If you need to reschedule an event for the same time on a different day, you can do that easily. Tap the day the event was originally scheduled for and, when it appears in the pop up box, press and drag it to the correct day for easy schedule alteration.


  • sha

    hi, i have just bought my galaxy tab 2. Every time I add an event, it says event created but i can’t see it on my calendar. There are no events there. pls Help. The S Planner is a big help for me

  • Terri Baxter

    Why can I get different pictures for events on my s3 phone but not on my Samsung tablet

  • Al

    Sha, try this: go to calendar settings, then choose ‘Calendars’ and see if ‘My calendar’ has a tick next to it. If it does not, tick it and save.

  • jason

    How do I get my s planner on my galaxy s2 to sync with my s planner on my note 10.1? I have a bunch of appointments on my phone that I want on my tablet as well, but I can’t seem to figgure out how to sync the two devices.

    • jay

      Use samsung account task appt and notes will be synced

  • lewis

    Sha I have the same issue with my samsung s4 have yiu fixed the issue? If so how?

  • gerard

    I want to make the standard appointment time in s planner as 30min but cant seem to work out how to make this happen? It is set up in my gmail calender but doesnt seem to translate across when i go to put in a new event.

  • Alex

    Like all my other calendars, I want the week in S Planner to start on a Sunday. How?

  • Amke

    Hello. Recently I was messing with my S3 mini, so I had to restore the whole system. I have used the restore point a month old, and when I opened an S Planner I could see only events that were a month or more older. Q. Is there a possibility that my newer events (or the one for the future time) are stored somewhere online or something like that? Thanks

  • lologod

    The S planner appearance on my Note 2 is visually unappealing. Is there any way to change the background/colours and/or info display in the day/week/month formats that is more visually appealing?
    My previous I phone had a much prettier appearance.

    • tammy

      Did anyone answer? I have same question.

  • Irmgard

    How should I respond to notifications on s planner. it keeps popping up filling the screen.

  • Hemant

    I’m able to sync my facebook calendar with the splanner but it doesn’t give out any notifications either in the notification bar or an alert. how to make it notify me of facebook birthdays in splanner?

  • Johnny

    I like S Planner but would like to access from my PC too (like iCloud)
    Can I do this with S Planner and Google Calendar?

  • Jon

    In S-Planner on my new GS4 I was able to enable a sync to and from both my Google Tasks and my Toodledo account through the app. It appears like what happend though was that the tasks from Toodledo synced through to my Google Tasks because I can see them in my online Google account but not on my S-Planner App (strange) and since I don’t like the way that happened I tried to go back into the settings of the S-Planner App and turn off the Toodledo access. The “problem” is that it doesn’t appear like S-Planner will allow me back to that window where I set up the sync in the first place. It’s not even there from what I can see now. I’m soooooo confused. Lol

  • jules

    The s planner (on a galaxy s3) doenst change the day automatically. So at midnight it doenst switch….i have to switch it myself. Any tips? Thanks. ….

  • Dan

    I am having problems with the repeat function. When I first bought my adroid phone I synced my appointment into my new phone. Many of my appointment are on a repeated mode where I need the freedom to cancel a weekly repeated event and still have the event scheduled for the following weeks to come. Now, when I try to edit or delete on seperate event the S calendar doesn’t give me the option to change or delete it seperately. how can I change this?

  • James

    I just bought the Samsung S4. I tried to set up a meeting in the calendar and invite participants but the app does not have a Participant field. There is only one calendar app on the phone so I am assuming it is the S planner. Can you help? Thank you.

  • James

    James said:
    3 June 2013 at 11:12 pm
    I just bought the Samsung S4. I tried to set up a meeting in the calendar and invite participants but the app does not have a Participant field. There is only one calendar app on the phone so I am assuming it is the S planner. Can you help? Thank you.

    I just switched from “My calendar” to my gmail address and now I see the participant field. So this is resolved. Thanks.

  • Narin Nakhonpun

    I am trying to sync “S Planner” on my Samsung Galaxy Note with Google Calendar on my laptop. It works fine if I make an entry on Google Calendar – the entry appears on S Planner almost immediately. However, if I make an entry on S Planner, it never does appear on Google Calendar.

    • David Bohannon

      SAME problem, any answers?

  • Matthias

    I am trying to sync “S Planner” on my Samsung Galaxy S4 with my Samsung account online. I ticked “contacts” and “calendar” to sync on my mobile, but it doesn’t work. Just the contacts are being saved/synced. Could you please help me?

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  • Sigurd

    Trying to enable handwriting when using day view instead of month view. Is this possible?

  • Shell

    I’d like to have the S Planner Reminder (notification) constantly beep until stopped (or at least for 1min before snoozing or similar) as it just does the notification beep once & if I’m not in the exact same room as the phone, I do not hear it.

    • marwerno

      I have the same problem. There are some app out there. Search for “persistent reminders”. Currently I am trying Deja office, which has the option built in, but it does not seem to be reliable either…

  • Louise

    I tried to delete a recurring appointment from my S Planner and it seems to have wiped the entire calendar, please help, is there a way to undo this?

  • Jaime

    I have a similar issue to Irmgard. My notifications always appear as full screen notifications, despite the fact that I have selected ‘status bar notification’ as my preferred notification type. Please advise if there is a way to fix this or is it an issue with the app?

  • Piers Cooke

    I am brand new to Android. I have used a Blackberry for years. A couple of months converted to Samsung G3. I use Splanner. I have a gmail account but just can’t sync it. I have checked out loads of bloggs but it just doesn’t happen. Any help would be much appreciated.



  • Patrick Rhodes

    i accidently pressed the ‘sync’ option on my S Planner Calendar and it has deleted all my appointments off the calendar! Is there any way to reverse this?

    • Nicholas Allen

      This happened to me too, has anyone found a way to recover the events?

  • de Brousse

    Peut-on faire apparaître le prénoms à fêter (saints) chaque jour dans S Planner? Galaxy S4

  • Andrew Gray

    How do I remove the Islamic calendar features from my S Planner? It keeps showing me the dates for Ramadan (with a big orange stripe through my entire month) and other islamic calendar options. I’m not islamic, so why is it so hard to take these features out of my S Planner? The only thing I can think of is that I purchased this phone (Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500) from which is a grey importer. Perhaps the specific version of S planner that this phone was shipped with was intended for islamic countries (But would an islamic person really need a reminder for when ramadan is on??)

    In the settings for S Planner, there is a section called “Islamic calendar options” but it only lists options about Hijri dates adjustments and adjustments to the Ramadan start and end date. No option to turn off the Islamic calendar options.

    Does anyone have a solution to this?

    Should I do something drastic like root my phone and uninstall S Planner and then re-install it from somewhere?

    Samsung, help please!!

    – Andy

    • Mohd Bahauddin

      hi, i’m looking for this option for my Note 2 (for your info i’m muslim). may i know your version of android and firmware version. you can check under setting ~ about.


    • Dhruv

      Has this been resolved!!? Please suggest how if yes.

      • hdumpty

        did anyone get a solution to this? I still can’t delete the Ramadan entry and I also bought my phone from Kogan (if that’s got anything to do with it)

    • Karen Plourde

      if you open clandar, click the 3 lines at top right corner, click calandar you can uncheck the islam option

  • Paul

    my s planner seems to have lost the previous months notes. I like to look back to see when an event happened. What can I do

  • Justin Damster

    Hi Guys,
    I need help to sync my company email address which is via pop to my calendar on my S4. My google account sync’s no problem, but I can’t seem to add the other account.
    How do I do this?

  • Peter

    How do I sync s planner between my galaxy note 10.1 tablet and galaxy S3 mobile phone?

  • Adrian zschorn

    Is there a way to colour multiple days at once? Or do I have to do it one day at a time?

  • Anthony O

    Most (but puzzlingly not every time) I insert a new entry s planner automatically allocates two reminders when I don’t want them.
    Is there any way of turning off the automatic reminders?

    • Richard

      This was happening to me.
      You need to log into Google with the email address you are using on your mobile and then set up the calendar.
      Then you can disable the automatic reminders. Its set to 2 automatically 😀
      Or you could just untick the sync option for calendar under the Google account settings.
      Click the top account and untick Sync Calendar

  • 101

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. I accessed the SPlanner APP a few times and was able to set up a few reminder, but now when I access it it only allows for an event to be set up ( + new event) and the normal + only button has disappeared. How do I get that back as the + new event option doesn’t allow for an alarm to go off?

  • Jesse Karadia

    Is there a way to hide completed tasks?

  • Mohammad Kamil Mustaffa

    Hello . When i launch s planner , its starts to load then closes with the masage ‘unforutunaly , s planner has stop ‘ . restarting the tablet does help please help me , splanner is important to me.

  • Fisburg

    I have a repeating shift pattern, Is there an easy way to create the pattern on the calendar?

  • Shelly Grizzel

    I love my S Planner on my Galaxy S3. I got the new tablet/note 3 and can’t get the S Planner on each of them to talk to each other. I have sent them by blutooth today but is just like making entries in two planners. What is the easier way to do this. It is to cumbersome to have to send n receive each appt. Thanks for your help. Shelly-new tablet user

  • Fernando Fernandes

    sometimes we need to check appointments during a call. How to access the S Planner in this situation?

  • Jennifer Jennax

    1. How do I get meetings into s planner that others invite me to? Only seems to work if its sent through a Samsung phone. At minimum I need it to work for invites sent through outlook. 2. How do I invite people to an event through s planner?

  • Shimaa Gamal

    I have a problem with my weekdays of s planner. Although in my settings the first day of the week is Sunday, it stills consider the weekdays are from Monday till Friday. Any solutions?

  • möet.kinardi

    I have my SPlanner on my S4, and it come with the smart briefing widget.
    When we tap on the widget, the calendar will appear on TODAY’s view <on a Day Tab). How to change this default today view, into Months view or Weeks view.
    So that when I tap on the briefing widget it will Appear on weeks view.)

  • Kay

    My sister and one of my friends sync their google calendar with mine, i can see all their events on .y phone if I view through Google calendar, but I can’t see them on tbe Samsung calendar. My own event sync perfectly with Google, is there any way to view their events too?

  • Kay

    My sister and my friend sync their Google calendar with mine. Is there any way I can see their events on my Samsung calendar?

  • Rhonda Williams King

    How do you close the side menu tabs for weekly, yearly view on the S Planner Galaxy S4

    • Richard

      Press the “>” in the top right hand corner or “2 finger swipe” to the right. Reverse of aforementioned to open side menu tabs.

  • nowflourish

    I’ve just discovered how to put another calendar with an overlay on Outlook. But when I sync, everything on s planner syncs to one calendar. Can I put an extra calendar on S Planner to sync with the second calendar on Outlook?

  • mike k.

    My wife and have our own galaxy2 tablets and we would like to sync our s planners between the two. Is there a way to do this?

  • Roy Scarff

    How can you use S-Planner on a Tab2 10.1 to repeat an entry fortnightly?

  • jbananak

    s planner is still on my phone. I see it when I do a search. but icon is missing to open it (ie can only open it from search. how do I get icon back?

  • DGul

    Not quite sure what happened, but my s-planner seems to have picked up the wrong time zone. Google calendar is fine, but the linked s-planner calendar is an hour ahead, even thought the time zones are correct on both settings… any suggestions?

    • Andres Arosemena

      I have the same issue. I create an appointment and then if I open it there is another timezone selected as default and I can check the other option which is the correct one. I have to do that each time. I would like to remove that incorrect one and leave the other one only. Were you able to resolve your problem?

  • john

    I have everyones birthday come up on my s planner please help as I don’t want any on this good looking app.
    Thank you

  • Helen

    How can I shun my S Planner from my S3 to my S4?

  • Kim Ung

    Hi! I can’t seem to edit calendar events on the S planner. When I go to the menu (bottom left), there is no option to select EDIT. The options are: copy, delete or share via. You would think something so simple would be easy to do! Pls help

    • James Ross

      Either use the + on the top right to add an event or select the event by clicking on it and then you can edit. I have noticed that this only works with events you have added into s planner.

      • Kim Ung

        I’ve noticed that events I add on my oulook account comes up on S planner as “meeting invitation” at the top. This is when u can’t edit it on th S planner. If the top says “detail view” then u can edit it. I don’t know how to change it from meeting invitation to detail view . The iphone was so easy to use. Never had this problem. Ideally I would like to be able to edit any events on the S planner whether it was entered via outlook or my S4.

  • James Ross

    Hi, I see that my issue below is with many android devices but I haven’t found a solution.
    Galaxy s4 s planner shows facebook birthdays one day early
    Any advice is appreciated

  • Tom

    All my previous events have been sync’d and I could see all of them just fine…and after getting all clicky (and not being careful) I seem to have turned off viewing my google calendar and now only see the default “my Calendar”…which is empty. How do I switch to viewing all calendars at once?

  • Janine Berry

    Hi, all events that I have ever added to my S Planner, on my Galaxy Note, have disappeared, I also can’t add an event, but can add a task! Gutted as I use this app all the time. Can anyonme help PLEASE

  • Sherman Foo

    I’m using a Note 3 and i would like to know if i have 2 events on the day itself, how do I display more than 1 sticker in the calendar on the day itself? Because when I tried putting 2 stickers, it only shows 1

  • Teresa

    I got my Galaxy S4 a few weeks ago and to begin with S Planner worked fine. Then it started crashing each time I tried to use it, entering a new event. I also installed Google Calendar which worked beautifully on my HTC Desire S, but that also now crashes each time. What is it with these calendar apps? How can I get oeither of them to work?

  • Walt Tracy

    The agenda view does not work since the latest firmware update on my Samsung Note 8

  • Heather

    I just got a galaxy tab 3 8.0 and can’t figure out how to sync my Facebook calendar with s planner. Can someone help me out?

  • Sheila Cordell Allen

    Is it possible to mark events on the calendar as completed? Don’t want to delete them – just show completed.

  • mchelle

    Good morning. I hv been using s planner for a while n love it. However this morn ive gone to add an event n none of my entries are showing! it also freezes then goes back to home screen saying sorry s planner has stopped! Any ideas how to sort it out as dont want to loose all my info. Thankyou for any help x

  • Charlie Vowles

    hello, just got Note 3 & Galaxy 7″ tab together. Both run on s planner, I want the calenders to communicate with eachother, so that whichever device use calender on, they’re both in sync……sadly this is not working and its driving me mad. Don’t know enough about Android to google the right question.

    Many thanks in advance y’all
    Charlie ^___^

  • domenico

    My s planner will not show any appointments after i tried to sync with my samsung note 3?

  • Poo

    I just started using the s planner on the s3. I was using a calender on the galaxy y that would remind me of any event or task I had to do at the time set by a notification. I would also be able to set it to remind me daily, monthly etc. Why is this not happening with the s planner??

  • John Brunning

    I use Microsoft Exchange Account to sync the calendar on my Samsung Galaxy Fame, but for some reason, I no longer receive alerts for tasks on my phone, though event reminders are working. I’ve checked settings in & all appears to be in order. Any ideas, please?

  • drskaca

    When I enter any event in S Planner, even after saving the same is not displayed on the due date.

    I have tried List options also, it only displays the Task List.

    In upper box, I have even selected the Event but also no solution.

    Please help to view the events saved in S planner. Grateful for the help.

    my emailid is

  • Jim Good

    I am trying to put tasks in date and time order so that they show at the right position in any calendar view. My Blackberry always did this. Can anyone help?

  • Sara Lundmark

    Hi, i have my whole life in my s planner in my samsung galaxy s2, and now i got a new phone, samsung galaxy s4, and i cant seem to get the info from my old phones s planner into the new one. i am connected via google account and samsung account and have tried endless times to syncronize them both in both phones without any luck of getting the planner posts to transfer to the new phone. is there any other way to do it? a specific file i can copy or export via bluetooth or anything else that might work?

  • Bob Thomas

    Since my Galaxy Note 2 upgraded itself to Android 4.3, I now find that I have “predictive text” in my S Planner. How do I turn it off as I can’t stand predictive text and I’m already fed up with having to continually re-type words? Please help! Thank you.

  • Jaco Schoeman

    Is there any way to make a printout of my s planner calender?

  • Lynn Fischer

    Using a Galaxy S4…is there a way to sync Tasks entered on my phone with a google/gmail account so the Tasks are visible on my pc?

  • Andrew Osborne

    Trying to move to the screen with the S Planner widget
    causes touch wiz home to stop working and it will not
    move to this screen. How can I fix this please?

  • Emma Yexley

    I have downloaded the Arsenal fixtures calendar into my diary and it has since changed – how do I delete the downloaded diary?

  • Jan McConkey

    My S Planner has synced all my facebook contacts birthdays onto it – how do I get rid of this ?

  • Vickster V

    How do I invite participants to a calendar invite on S Planner on Galaxy Note 3. I’ve googled and my brother-in-law (IT guru and Samsung user) has looked at it and still no joy ….?!!

  • kellie

    hi, i am using a galaxy note 3. i am using s planner, loving it. but the 2 calendars i use the most are the same colour. im sure there is any easy fix. how do i change the colour of the calendars?

    • John Kenna

      You can change the colours within your google calendar

  • Stacia Langille

    Hello, how do I select a different a different image source location (eg google drive) for adding an image to an event in S planner? Is there any way to back this up to my google calendar, so that I can view it from within Google Calendar on my desktop?

    I use my phone to take pictures during appointments with clients, and then save those images to the “event” I create for their next appointment, so that I can easily compare changes between appointments…. but I can only see them on my phone! I need a way to access these images from my computer, for use in case studies over time.

    Thank you!

  • Aoc Dave

    I used to play a FB linked game and all my “friends”, within the game, birthdays, 849 of them, have come up on my s planner diary.
    Is there a way of automatically deleting all the birthday reminders in the S Planner app?

  • Nandhini Murugan

    I have a samsung galaxy s4 the calender app displays some birthdays a day early. How can to rectify it. pls help

  • Nigel Hounsome

    My S planner on my galaxy 10.1 was on the homescreen, probably 4 x 4 size but for some reason has moved to a side page. I have tried to drag it back to the homepagè but now it says it’s too big.

    Anyone have an idea what has gone wrong and how to fix it please? ???



  • Nigel Hounsome

    Hello I am new to this so please excuse if I get this wrong.
    I have s planner on my galaxy tab 10.1 and found the widget [ approx 4 * 4] on my home screen very good. It was the one that showed thè monthly planner etc and was quite interactive. Anyway I seem to have lost it and wondered how to get it back. Has anyone any ideas please? ???

  • David Chan

    I have this issue with S Planner – the reminder keeps snoozing even after I have deleted that event. May I know is there any solutions? I thought it is synced with my Google calendar but after checking there is no more events in my Google calendar.

  • Colin Stodel

    how do I print a calendar from splanner. I have a printer attached to win8 pc.

  • Vincent Van Zyl

    How can one set your S Planner to automatically alert you a few days before contact birthdays, for all your contact birthdays, including the ones imported from Facebook?

  • JR

    I cant get my s calendars to sync between notebook 10.1 and galaxy 4 phone. Any suggestions?

  • quatermass

    Many thanks Oliver!
    My contacts didn’t have email, so couldn’t figure out why S Planner wouldn’t list them!
    Some people don’t have email Samsung!

  • pati

    How do I edit the default weight, calories from my initial signing into the app?

  • SubyBlue

    Hi, I just got the S5 phone last week and I am having problems with my S Planner. Whenever I go on the S Planner and try and add something to the calendar, I get the error sign “Unfortunately S Planner has stopped” and it shuts down. I get the same error when trying to use the Google Calendar. Have you seen this error before and can you explain what I can do please? Thanks.

  • Dennis Degler

    S Planner prob on Galaxy S4: if I try to access an event I’ve entered in the area occupied by the Ramadan notification, I get “Unfortunately, S Planner has stopped”. Relaunching S Planner has no effect: once you’ve entered an event there you’ve had it. I eventually found a work-around by starting out of the Ramadan area and editing the date to get back in, but it’s time consuming and this is obviously something Samsung haven’t rectified. Question: why is only Ramadan registered and not other religious festivals e.g. Easter, Christmas, and why can’t it be deleted?

  • I have a B & B and I could do with having two separate calendars on S Planner that don’t sync. Is this possible?

  • kevin hhappy troll

    Hi my screen is broken on my galaxy s3, how to I transfer all info from samsung planner to new phone? Please help it has all my work records on it…

  • Kathryn Erskine

    My problem with the s planner synced with Facebook is the events repeated over weeks, are hijacking my s planner and I’d like to remove them entirely. Have tried deleting them on fb, removing the amount on my phone, dont have the problem all on my tablet!

    • Kathryn Erskine

      I solved it by, going into application manager, searched all, went to facebook, cleard the cache, removed the facebook application. They have all been remove from the s planner. I then reinstalled the facebook app,and it sorted the ptoblem out! (make sure you delete the repeating events like Facebook petition signing events first)

      • Kathryn Erskine

        Oh no! Xome are back tweet storm events eeek! Wil have to do the whole thing again! Need to delet on fb first!

  • Nadine Chilvers

    Hi, my husband is a shift worker and we utilise our calendars to note when he is working (amongst all our other activities etc) however rather than showing his shift across the appointment time (e.g. 3pm Fri – 1am Sat) it places it at the top of the day similar to an all day event. I have checked the entries aren’t marked that way and attempted to troubleshoot a variety of other ways, but I just cant seem to fix it. Can you suggest what may be casuing this.

  • Pauline1964

    I havee a Galaxy 4 phone with splanner and i want it to sync with my galaxy 10.1 notepad splanner but it won’t.
    Has anyone got any advice ???

  • Jane Smithyman Browne

    My screen on my S4 mini is broken and I need to transfer all my S Planner info to either my computer or my S3. How can I do this?

  • Rich

    My S planner on my Galaxy s2 has stopped being able to create events. I enter the details in press save and it says event created but nothing occurs. Any ideas how to fix this please

  • Rajiv

    I am having a problem with my s Planner after updating to the latest 4.4.2
    the events are showing on my phone the birthdays saved with the contacts are also showing the moment I add a new task it shows Unfortunately s planner had to shut
    and doesn’t work there after, please help on this

  • ingrid sancho

    hola buenas. ocupo ayuda estaba tratando de actualizar mi celular y se me borro lo del planner sera que ya no aparece mas?

  • J.J. Drabbe

    Hi, I used to put conference call details in my Location field (,, allowing people to directly dial from this field by pointing&holding the number… Now it automatically opens Google Maps… how can I change this ?

    • Chris Hayes

      I have the same problem. Did you find the answer?

      • J.J. Drabbe

        Nope, I’ve given up on S-Planner. But even Google Agenda has the same problem. Am now considering moving to Touchdown, don’t know whether this will resolve things.

        • Chris Hayes

          I downloaded a Calendar App called Business Calendar and it works fine, I can enter a conference number in the location field and it appears as a link I can dial directly from. Makes you wonder why Samsung can’t do it too.

  • Luna Yemaja

    My s planner does not display any calendars? Making it impossible to add anything.

  • Amanda

    Helloo… I broke my Glaxasy S4 screen last night and need to somehow access my work appointments on the splanner for the upcoming month. Is there another way to do this? when syncing and backing up with kies it is saying that there is no data to back up

  • Juan Pedro Cid de la Paz

    me borra los adjuntos de los eventos … no se por que

  • John

    How to copy/duplicate existing event in S Planner at Android Note 4?

  • mike

    How do sync S Planner to a web calendar?

  • Adam Adamson

    Hi, Just as a bit of fun using the S Voice, I would like my Samsung S4 to say that I am the best at ( what ever) how can I do this?

  • Lara Hirowatari

    My S planner has displayed two Sundays in a row on November 2nd. subsequently this has pushed back all my app by one day and caused no Monday to appear in the week. I know it was just daylight savings, could that have anything to do with it? Has any one had this issue and fixed it?

  • Elaine Hendry

    I have been syncing my SPlanner with my Outlook calendar on my PC – critical for my freelance business. Now suddenly it’s stopped syncing, although contacts still sync fine. The set up seems OK. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the horrible KIES several times, but to no avail. No idea what to try next.

  • Sia D

    I need to know how often S Planner auto syncs, if at all. There is nothing in the settings and I feel like I need to go into settings and manually hit sync each time I add something to my calender or make an amendment so that it’s synced with my desktop calender and backed up. I presume it must auto sync but I need to know for sure and how often. Do you know please? Thanks

  • will the s health work with jawbone 24 on a note 4 samsung

  • steph

    I have samsung tablet and have used s planner for some time for both my husband and my own business I would like to be able to view through my samsung phone how do I do this please, is it possible

  • Wendy

    Im getting so frustrated with S planner….I can’t even save an event. Only just bought the galaxy S…..I don’t get an option save, only Done…grrr

  • yasmin

    how do i stop my previous months from deleting on the s planner. i have a s4

  • godchick4ever

    I have access to my husband and my 2 sons gmail calendars. One of my sons calendars does not show on my galaxy tab 3 but shows when I access my calendar via a browser. Does anyone know how I can see it on my tablet?

  • mobre

    How do you get S4 phone And galaxy tab to sync s planners.
    I want to be able get both showing the same appointments.If I add any thing in one it does not show on the other device.

  • Andrew Parkinson

    I recently lost all my data on s.planner. it was backed up to my google account, but I cannot retrieve it. How do I get it back please?

  • Dom

    I send invites from Outlook (I use gmail within outlook) but I need to invite myself so when I view them on my phone (Samsung Note3) I open using S Planner and they add to the Calendar. For some reason it now comes up with a “Parse Error” Help it’s driving me insane.

  • Hajnal Èva Beatrix

    Can anyone help me please? After accidently sinced s planner I have lost all data been saved in it, some of them really important for me….where these data disappeared and why? Is seems silly for me…tought will gather data not delete data of it 🙁

  • Angelo Cipra Castro

    A friend of mine ised my phone to log in to fb. Somehow her fb account was synced to my splanner instead of mine. How do i change the fb account to mine.

  • lisa howell

    Ive just lost everything off my s planner. I have no idea why this happened, is there any way of getting the events back please?

  • Jenny Howe

    I have an S3mini, when I first got it, it would put reminders from calendar on one of the spare walls, a week before the event. I had to do a factory reset and it no longer does it. How to I restore it to do this again?

  • Tasha

    My S Planner on my Galaxy 5S is showing holidays as the wrong day (one day behind). I have the time zone set for Saskatchewan. Does anyone know how to correct this?

  • Karen Plourde

    Hi, I have the little event dots but when i click on the day there is nothing there.. there is almost a month of dots but 90% of them there is nothing there..any suggestions? I have a S5

    • Nigel Brunton

      Hey Karen , I have the same problem with my S planner on S5 and it’s very annoying and occurs every year too if you scroll down to next year and so on.
      Sorry I haven’t got a solution but wondering if you have a solution yet?

  • Carole Barnett

    I have lost the S planner app on my Galaxy 5S, is there a way to download it again ?
    Do I have to have Kies on my phone first.

  • Sandra

    Hi. I just bought a S4. My old phone is the original Note that I got 3 years ago. On the store the transferred all my apps and set up email for me. He asked if I had a Google account so I think he set stuff up with that. Yesterday I tried to transfer all my stuff from my Note to my S4 via smart switch but they wouldn’t connect so I backed up my Note stuff to Kies and then used smart switch on my PC to restore to my S4. A lot of the things in my S planner did not transfer and I’m thinking it has something to do with Google accounts. My calendar doesn’t look like the usual cream colored s planner – it’s green and white. I want to use the s planner and don’t want to manually enter all my missing calendar items. Help!

  • Ken

    If i enter info in the location section then later on edit the info it changes initially but after a few minutes the info reverts to the original info. How can I stop the new info changing back to the original info.
    thanks ken

  • Cj C

    I tapped a key the other day and now none of my scheduled events show. How do I bring them back in sight?

  • paul berry

    I an tryint to sync the s planner on my SM-T210 and my mobile SM-G3816 so that when i enter a task or an event on one it will automatically update on the other. Any help.

  • Susan Lawn

    Why cant I add pictures of flyers for an event into S planner.

  • Deborah

    Hi I’ve just upgraded from the Samsung Galaxy s4 to the s5 and all of my hospital and doctors appointments are in the s planner on my old s4 how can I sync them to my s5 please.

  • Brenda Joachim

    I create an event on my S Planner, but it does not appear, although the event has been created.

  • Tom P

    I recently purchased a Galaxy S6 and enjoy the S planner feature. When I first started using it, a monthly calendar would appear to which I could add appts and other events. For some reason, a couple weeks ago, the monthly calendar disappeared and now I only get a TASK option. I really prefer the ease of the monthly calendar but can’t seem to figure out how to get it back. Any suggestions?

    I can be reached at

  • Chris Bell

    S Planner is truly awful, yet another piece of Samsung bloat that makes me wonder if they actually use their own product. Freehand writing is not available on my version, not that I use it.

  • Andrea Barnes

    I can’t set a reminder on the s 6 version, the best function of the s planner IMO. Can anyone help?

  • Pamela Pellizzari

    I have Galaxy S3 – love it and love my S Planner. Can’t write on it (and don’t care – not really interested in that look) but I love the other features that it has that the new versions don’t. When I upgrade i will miss these features – symbols you can put right on monthly page. My look is just nicer too – over new ones my sister and husband have.

  • Nina Henriksen

    After 4 weeks all my old things is gone in the calender, so I can not look back? What can I do to keep the old things? I have a samsung galaxy 10.1 tablet

  • Jenny Baxter

    Anyone able to help me please? I have synced my various calendars on my Samsung Galaxy S6 and can see all the relevant details on my phone. But when I open my work calendar (Outlook), I don’t see all of the info/dates on that calendar. I have my work calendar synced with my husband’s so we can coordinate dates…I can see his but because I input most of my data on my phone calendar (because it’s with me all the time and the calendar/diary I use the most), my husband isn’t able to see all of my info. Any tips please? Any help will be greatly appreciated!